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Sell Your Records

We are always interested in purchasing quality material; one record, or an entire collection. If you have any of the following records or music, we want to hear from you:

- Cylinder Records, all makes and types

- Edison Diamond Discs

- Edison Needle Type Electric

- Jazz, Blues, Country, Cajun, 1920s - 30s

- Pop Dance & Personalities, 1920s - 30s

- Early Rock & Roll, 78s only

- Early Single Sided Discs

- Speeches, Historical/Personalities

- Picture Records, Vogue/Talk-O-Phone/etc.

- Advertising Records

- Unusual Sizes, Berliners/etc.

- Odd and Unusual Labels

- Early Classical and Opera

- Radio Transcriptions, 10/12/16

- V-Discs

- Ethnic, Vocals/Instrumentals
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