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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my records have any value, and what are they worth?

Before disposing of any records, it is to your advantage to know the value of what you have. 78s for the most part are still very plentiful, having a minimal value of a couple dollars at best. We recommend that you check out the value on any records you have before disposing of them. A good source book for this is “The American Premium Record Guide”, which we will be offering soon through our website. This guide is an excellent source for values on jazz, blues, hillbilly, and post-war recordings.

How would I go about selling my records?

After determining if you have any records of value you may want to sell them. We are always interested in purchasing good, quality records. You can e-mail, call, or write us. All you have to do is make a list providing us with the following information: Label name, catalog number, and artist. If you have a large collection and find that making a list would be too time consuming, please call, and we could arrange the possibility of an in-person appraisal.
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